You know how:

All the news around is us bad? It feels like we're surrounded by sinking dreams and sicker families.

We've decided to put our focus in another direction.

Please watch this short video & take a look at our solution!

What if?

You really could make a difference?

You had a better handle on how to tap into the rules of the rich?

Would you like to learn more?

About Our Brand Partner . . .

About our Brand Partner - some videos about Shaklee and Carolyn welcoming everyone and explaining how she got into the business.
    Shaklee Difference
    Roger - the future of the company
    A few slides - work with astronauts/Olympic athletes

The Power Of The Profession . . .

The power of the profession - Entrepreneurship
    Richard Brooke - short video
    Rise of the Entrepreneur - trailer - whole thing - Eric’s long form thing
    Here’s a quick overview . . . wanna see more . . . wanna see more

What's In It For Me?


Creating Possibilities (how to log in) - Use - Own Build - Lifestyle Piece
    Think like a rich person and have access to their benefits (save money on taxes) - Sandy Botkin

How Am I Going To Learn?

How am I going to learn, and who is going to mentor me. - Who is answering your questions - make it clear they are not on their own.
    Intro to Presidential Master Builders team - longevity - money - 

Resources: PMB Mentors

The Market . . .


Is there a place (market) for the products - talk about what makes them superior and unique
    Insights sheets - Why? sheets - Products that are safe - products that work
    Shaklee difference - What the market is looking for
    Gary Burke - four things to look for: Stabile, Culture, 

How Do I Get Started?

Sample order? 5x5 Reset?

Do you want to do this on your own, or do you want to grow quickly and avoid the pitfalls?

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